Saturday, September 13, 2014

Apple Holler

On a recent trip to Wisconsin for New Guy's family reunion, we drove past Apple Holler. There were so many cars and signs letting us know that as Texans in Wisconsin, we were about to experience a quintessential early fall activity - surely this was going to be mind blowing apple picking and good time family fun. 


It must have rained recently - again something those of us in Texas are not wildly familiar with. There were large mud puddles throughout the entrance and parking area. The goats that you can feed were in a pit of rank mud laden with goat waste. 

I get it. Goats totally use the bathroom, but wow. 

Too much. 

But mostly, my issue is - you have to pay $30 for 2 people to pick 10-12lbs of apples. Let me help the non-apple picking folks out there. That's around 30 apples. So, we didn't even go back to see the orchard because two people in the area for 48 hours before catching a flight home have no business carting around 30 apples. 

I wish Apple Holler had a wagon ride/tour option where you could just pick a couple apples and be one your way.  Seriously, I didn't even get to bust out the travel tripod. And everyone knows I love that thing.


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