Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Guy Has People

New Guy has people. Not just people. His people. 

Let me backtrack. 

New Guy was raised in Texas. His grandparents passed long ago and family for him was limited to his parents and one brother. He would not have recognized extended family if he ran into them on the street. Or as I am fond of saying when I'm being snarky, if he had dated them in college. 

Which he didn't. If he had, it wouldn't be as funny. 

So his people have a family reunion in Milwaukee and I, being the pushy wife that I am, insisted that we go. 

It. Was. Magical. I might have teared up while snapping this photo. 
New Guy's own version of "Nana" - His great aunt
New Guy was not recognized by anyone - they hadn't seen photos of him since he was a small child. Once he explained his lineage from great grandfather down, he became the bell of ball. He was surrounded by his people. And they were so kind and so like him. They were engineers. They were welcoming. They were the family I knew he must have, because he is so amazing.
Just a few of the folks from New Guy's branch of the family tree

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