Thursday, December 11, 2014

Old Lady

I'm not old. I mean not really. Well... not old in the overarching sense of the word. But in three weeks, I'll be fertility old.


My eggs will shrivel up and die the moment the clock strike 1:03am on my birthday. My uterus may actually fall right out of my body and scream in agony. It's like a bomb is about to go off.

But it's not. Those things certainly aren't going to happen AND infertility isn't suddenly going to get worse. So, why does this feel so awful?

Because society says it should. Because the internet wants me to believe that I missed the boat on motherhood. Because so many people think I've chosen to not have children and certainly, according to those people, I must be incredibly selfish. Because there are 100 articles about things to fear for every 1 article about having hope. Because we still live in a world where gender stereotypes make us feel like we aren't real women if we don't have children.

I won't let society get to me. Not now. It doesn't help. It might even hurt.

So hand in hand with my spouse, we will continue down the treatment road. We may or may not eventually conceive. We may or may not adopt in the future. And regardless, we will still be a complete family, because the truth is that two can be complete.

35 is going to be awesome.

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Jackie Moore said...

Yay! I love you Lacey!